JIA Handle


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laryngoscope handle

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Laryngoscope set handle 

Objectives : 

A handle for laryngoscope for disease observation 

General specifications :

1. A handle for the attachment with laryngoscopeJLS-202S,JLS-202M,JLS-202L

2. The handle is made of strong PE without any electric substance or metals 

Technical specifications 

  1. The handle is made of PE plastic which is durable and strong making it can be used multiple times เ
  2. Sterilised with  Ethylene oxide
  3. Used with laryngoscope bladed  JLS-202S,JLS-202M,JLS-202L
  4. Easy to close and open, as well as convenient to clean 

    Conditions : 
    1.      Minimum of 1 year guarantee starting from product recieving date รั

    2.       ISO 13485 standard 

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