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Electrocardiogram (AED)

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  1. The need for electric heart pacemakers Automatic type To use to stimulate the heart In the case of irregular heartbeat or stop dancing To return to work as usual, with the rhythm of CPR

    2. Objective: At present, the Thai Heart Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage and the National Emergency Medical Institute Found that Sudden Cardiac Arrest, which causes the death of Thai people, is about 54,000 people per year, an average of 6 people per hour And is the cause of death of the population in all ages, with about half of the patients Died before coming to the hospital May be at home or work And according to the statistics of the Heart Association Of the United States found If the person with acute cardiac arrest is rescued with a heart pump (CPR) and prompting with an electrocardiogram (AED) immediately, the survival rate will rise to 70%.

    3. General features

    3.1 is a small, automatic, heart-weighting machine that is only 1.1 kg (2.4 pounds) including batteries. For easy portability

    3.2 Powered by Lithium Manganese Dioxide-type batteries that are integrated with conductive sheets

    3.3 Can be recommended for use to all users. Sound patterns, commands, and fire symbol messages that appear clearly on the screen

    3.4 There is a voice command system in Thai language.

    3.5 is a product of England

    4. Technical characteristics



    4.1 Using Self-Compensating Shockwave Heart Biphasic Waveform Technology (SCOPE ™ * Biphasic Technology)

    4.2 can automatically increase the energy level With a maximum power of 200 joules

    4.3 can be charged to the power level selected by the device for no more than 8 seconds

    4.4 The device has a system Of rhythm during CPR (CPR Coaching) consistent with AHA Guideline 2010

    4.5 conductive plates With installation The battery is included in the same chip, can be used for a long time, not less than 6 hours, or a maximum shock of not less than 60 shock, with a shelf life of at least 4 years

    4.6 Conductive discs contain images Shows the position of the pad in the body when using it for the convenience of the assistants.

    4.7 able to measure the resistance of patients in the range 20 - 230 ohms
    4.8 Able to record ECG signals for a maximum of 90 minutes and transfer data using a USB cable to the program on the computer.

    4.9 The machine has a standard that is used to measure the ability to protect things inside of electronic devices.

    (Ingress Protection) is IP 56 able to prevent water and rain.

    4.10 Machine through the standard of use on the aircraft (Aircraft) RTCA / DO-160F, Section 21 (Category M)

    4.11 Machine passed MIL STD 810F test, Method 514.5+ Category 4 Truck Transportation - US Highways, Category 7 Aircraft - Jet 737 & General Aviation (Exposure)



    5. Equipment for use

    5.1 1 conductive sheet

    5.2 USB cable 1 set

    5.3 Bags for inserting 1 device

    5.4 1 English manual

    5.5 cabinets for inserting 1 device

    5.6 1 set of Thai language instruction manual

    6. Specific conditions

    6.1 Quality assurance for at least 8 years worldwide and 1 year Thai insurance from the delivery date.

    6.2 There is 1 set of manual for maintenance of Thai and English language.

    6.3 is a new product that has never been used or demonstrated before

    6.4 Must have demonstrations and trainers to work until they can use

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