Jia LifeMask


SKU : JLS-102

Respirator mask With one-way ventilator valve with filter


Mask designed for ventilation For all ages Which prevents touching the mouth, nose, face of the patient directly Making volunteers have courage to help without hesitation


  1. The mask and filter has a clear, transparent color so that the helper can see the color of the mouth and vomit.
  2. Can be connected to the machine Oxygen and
  3. With filter tongue Can be replaced
  4. Made from durable materials that can be used for a long time.
  5. 100% latex free
  6. Prevent exposure Saliva and blood
  7. Easy to clean With a wash of soap or dishwashing liquid, then soaked in detergent water for 10 minutes, then rinse with clean water Dry to dry, can be reused


  1. The mask is a polyvinylchloride type
  2. Packaging is Polypropylene
  3. Filtrete HEPA Filter 


  1. Mask size with packaging 13.8 * 11 * 4.8 cm
  2. Packaging size 4 * 1.5 * 0.25 cm.
  3. Weight approximately 112 grams
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