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JIA LifeRing


SKU : JLS-101

Respirator pads (keyed in), easy to use, cheap, used to protect the helper and encourage people in the event to hurry to help in emergency situations.

Categories : Mask



1. It is a transparent one-way breathing filter so that the helper can see the color of the mouth and vomit.

2. Prevent exposure Saliva and blood

3. Strap around the victim's ear In order to stay in the same position throughout the rescue

4. The package has a key loop for the bag, handbag, or first aid box.


1. The mask is polyethylene, the size is not folded 3 * 2 * 1 cm.

2. Rigid box packaging is Styrolux 3.7 * 3.7 * 1.5 cm.

3. The packaging type nylon fabric is 5 * 5 * 1.5 cm.

4. Weight by about 10 grams per piece

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