JIA LifeRoll (Face shield)


SKU : JLS-110

Hot promotion Buy 1 get 1 free out of 500 boxes of JIA LifeRoll (Face shield) which is suitable for life saving practice at all times

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Used for resurrection

· Use a double layer 3M filter on both the front and back to prevent saliva from touching But let the breath pass well

· Reduce the chance of contacting diseases from people to people Through the saliva Both helpers and victims

· Handkerchief size Can be used with Victims of all ages

· There is a picture of how to use on a clear sheet.

· Clear color helps to observe The color of the patient's lips and Vomiting of the patient

· Packaging is 36 rolls per box


  1. The mask and filter has a clear, transparent color so that the helper can see the color of the mouth and vomit.
  2. Prevent exposure Saliva and blood
  3. Use both Adults and children
  4. 100% latex free 5. The 3M filter has FFP3 efficiency. 


  1. The mask is LDPE film type
  2. Packaging is a hard box.
  3. 3M Filter Filters 


  1. Mask size 29.5x19 cm.
  2. Packaging size 20 * 4.5 * 4.5 cm
  3. Weight about 200 grams
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