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IIt arises from the sciatic nerve where the brachial plexus is pressed, which is the area between the collarbone and ribs where blood passes through the arm from the neck. Symptoms depend on nerves. Depressed venous artery, most common in women 20-50 years old, less common in children under 20.

abnormal muscle position Rib germination in the cervical canal, blood clots, deformity of the first rib, shoulder and collarbone injuries. Carrying a bag too heavy and for a long time not contagious and not genetically transmitted

Pain in the shoulders, arms, hands The worst pain in the hand is the ring finger and pinkie, the fingers are numb and unable to grasp. Increased pain when using the arm and will be fatigued without strength. The arteries are pressed and they turn pale, cold, numb, the veins are pressed, causing pain and swelling.

History taking, physical examination Blood tests, chest X-rays, CT and Arteriography or venography.


Repair of malfunctions or pressed positions shoulder exercise design nerve compression, symptomatic treatment The surgery is done only in the areas where the veins are pressed and there are blood clots. You may also be given medication that dissolves blood clots, such as warfarin.

Things to do

It should be noted that this disease occurs infrequently.

It should be noted that most cases recommend symptomatic treatment, especially shoulder stretching.

Tell your doctor if you have pain in your arms, numbness, and cold on your toes.

don't do

Do not carry heavy objects on your back for a long time.

Do not miss an appointment with a doctor in each related field.


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