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Each month, approximately 2 weeks after menstruation, the ovaries release an egg. Fallopian tube connected to the uterus If you have sex during ovulation The sperm moves to mix with the egg and implant in the uterus.

How to prevent pregnancy

1 Stop ovulation

2 Stop the sperm from mixing with the egg in the fallopian tube.

3 makes the uterus thicker, not suitable for implantation of the embryo

contraceptive pill

It's a popular birth control. Its working principle is to inhibit ovulation. people who use oral contraceptives and have a history of high blood pressure smoking

Obesity or a family history of blood clotting disorders increases the likelihood of cerebral insufficiency.

Blood from a blood clot in the brain more heart disease

implantation of contraceptives

It is a method of implanting a capsule containing hormones under the abdomen of the arm.

progesterone injection

It is a progesterone injection every 3 months to suppress ovulation.

protective equipment

A condom, a cervical cap, is a device that prevents sperm from mixing with the egg.

loop iud

It is a device that is inserted into the vagina by a doctor to prevent the egg from falling into mixing with the sperm.

copper and progesterone


It is a tying of the fallopian tubes in women and the cutting of the epididymis in men by endoscopic surgery.

count the time of ovulation

which is just a natural method Avoid having sex during ovulation, but this method can be successful.

Only when a woman's menstrual cycle must regularly every month

How to choose a contraceptive

Some couples may use more than one form of birth control. Things to consider when choosing a method include:

Age, health, frequency of sex and how your partner feels about the chosen method.

Things to do

Preventing both pregnancy and STIs should be considered.

Look for new methods if you are not satisfied with the methods currently used.

Talk to your partner to find the best protection.

You should talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of each method.

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