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Caused by enlarged veins around the scrotum in which the scrotum is a low hanging sac descends from the penis and houses the testicles and veins carry waste tissue and cells back into the heart, the scrotum is left and right; varicose veins can occur on both sides, but most It was found that the left side was mostly because the pressure on the left side was greater than that on the right side, the varicose veins of the scrotum resulted in the scrotum becoming larger. Varicose veins occur in 15 percent of all men, and are more common in older and working adults, with 20 percent of sterile men having varicose veins.

Usually, veins have valves to displace blood from the heart center. If the valves are inactive or not functioning properly, the blood will reverse and cause venous dilatation and haemorrhage. finally

Varicose scrotum is asymptomatic. Varicose scrotum is found accidentally on a physical examination, but in some cases, the scrotum is enlarged but not painful. There may be a tingling sensation in the scrotum area. Found veins on the scrotum that look like worms caused by the expansion of the veins themselves.

Price for physical examination of the scrotum, if the results are unclear, an ultrasound may be performed to look at the pathology of the blood vessels around the scrotum to look for other causes of swelling of the scrotum.


Treatment is not necessary if there is no pain or tenderness of the testicles, reproductive problems if surgery is needed and this surgery is Varicocelectomy is surgery to remove a problematic vein caused by a blockage to improve blood supply to the scrotum. This surgery performed by a urethral surgeon requires a 7-day break for more than 15% can occur. repetition and surgery It can be done once as well.

Things to do

If you have large varicose veins, you should wear a supportive device.

You should inform your doctor if you have any unusual symptoms.

Tell your doctor if you have any reproductive problems.

don't do

Do not ignore the pain and swelling around the scrotum.

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