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Occurs in infants where the urethra is shorter than normal, opening outward around the core of the penis rather than the tip. ranges from mild to very severe

The exact cause is still unknown. But the matter of genetics endocrine disease the environment has an effect

The urethra opening opens to the outside of the middle or posterior axis of the penis. Some men have difficulty urinating. need to sit when urinating

From the history taking, physical examination It is recommended to consult a urologist.


Surgery to open a new urinary tract The faster you do it, the better results. And the best period is between 6-12 months, adults use the same surgery. After surgery to open a new urethra is successful, the doctor will insert the tube and hold it. able to urinate normally There may be blood coming out. And the doctor will prescribe pain relievers and antibiotics to prevent infection. After 10 days the doctor removes the string for evaluation. If untreated urethra There may be problems with urination in the future. urethral stricture or a cyst can occur.

Things to do

Tell your doctor about your child's symptoms.

Two diapers should be used after surgery. one for stool and one for urine from the inserted tube.

The surgical site should be kept dry. If the stool is contaminated, rinse it with clean water.

Should notify the doctor immediately if there is pus, bleeding, or inability to urinate for more than 1 hour after surgery.

The child should be rushed to the emergency room if the bleeding from the surgical wound does not stop.

don't do

Do not allow children to sit astride the toy for a while. If the doctor does not agree

Do not expose the wound to water without the permission of the doctor.

You should try to remove your child's urethra by yourself.

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