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Inflammation of the skin is caused by environmental stimulation of the skin. May be transmitted in the same family with fever, allergy, runny nose in the family. In the United States, it occurs in 1% of adults, 5-10% of children have skin inflammation, itching, if scratching, additional infections may occur.

Eczema will worsen with stress. Staying in hot or cold places Food such as oats, milk, eggs, vegetables, legumes, fabric fragrances, dust mites, lice


Red, swollen, itchy, dry, flaky rash, hard, thick, clear watery, scaly covering

No specific examination is required. Just a general blood test and a skin test to confirm the diagnosis.


There are four main methods such as Avoid substances that cause symptoms. Apply skin cream to moisturize the skin. Or choose a shower cream that does not make your skin too dry. Treatment for swelling and redness of the skin such as steroids or pills, anti-itch pills Steroids if taken for a long time have side effects such as ulcers in the stomach, weight gain, bandage around the rash to prevent scratching. and don't mess with drugs

Things to do

Avoid substances that cause rashes or stress.

should keep the skin moist Apply to skin that contains oil. Use a formula that is gentle on the skin. Take a warm shower, not too hot or too cold.

Medicines should be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

Avoid foods that make your symptoms worse.

Sunscreen should be applied before exercising outdoors.

It is best to use non-scented laundry detergent.

You should notify your doctor if you have signs of infection. whistling breathing problems severe stomach pain, bone pain

don't do

Do not allow the skin to become too dry. should have a humidifier

Do not drive, cook, or operate machinery while taking antihistamines. because it makes you sleepy

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