diabetic retinopathy

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diabetic retinopathy

diabetic retinopathy

It is an eye disease caused by diabetes. affects the retina which is part of the vision when sugar is high This causes the small blood vessels in the eye to swell and rupture. And wanting to raise more eyes, causing vision damage Which relapses into the retina can lead to blindness in patients aged 20-70 years. Both types of diabetes have the same chance. The severity is divided into four stages. First, there is swelling of the small veins in the retina. Second stage, veins are blocked. Severe stage. Many veins are blocked and new veins are branched out. severe to dangerous have abnormal blood vessels It is a fragile blood vessel near the retina. and has clear mucus to cover the black eye

destroy blood vessels It becomes invisible when the newly formed blood vessels become brittle and rupture along the center of the macula's eye, the rim and the receiving point, and are reflected in the visual field. If the macula is swollen, it blurs the vision.

Bleeding spots around the retina but no pain But the vision will start to become blurry or blind if the disease is not well controlled. which will not have any warning symptoms before

by examining the retina Watch for breakage and bleeding spots. swelling of blood vessels damaged nerve retinal fat using special fluorecence angiography to detect

In the early stages, no treatment is required. To treat by laser and virectomy, the first laser, laser beam to destroy abnormal blood vessels, focus laser to treat the part. Swollen macula or laser to stop bleeding or scatter lasor to help foreign blood vessels to atrophy for virectomy It is the removal of the bleeding point. Regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol It is important not to make the disease worse.

what to do
Should control the intake of foods that are high in sugar.
should exercise
should be aware that if diabetic retinopathy is not treated promptly Otherwise you can go blind.
should know that if the position macular swelling requires focal lasor in more than one treatment
You should notify your doctor if your diabetes is uncontrollable, with symptoms such as increased thirst. more frequent urination want to eat a lot to lose weight
Tell your doctor if your eyes start to blur.

don't do
Smoking and drinking are prohibited.
Do not wait until symptoms appear. then come to check the eyes
Forgetting that abnormal blood vessel formation in the retina Or swelling of the screen will not show any symptoms.

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