Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

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Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Intracerebral hemorrhage between the cerebral hemorrhage and the meninges More than 10-15% of patients die before hospitalization. 40% died in one week, the other half died in 6 months, more than a third of the survivors had brain problems, among the 50-year-old among women. There is a high risk of ruptured blood vessels in the meninges. Because it is difficult and preventable to find an aneurysm that is ready to rupture before the patient has no symptoms.

It is caused by the rupture of a brain aneurysm or an abnormal small blood vessel AVM. or congenital vascular abnormalities, or His head was severely hit. From various accidents, smoking, cocaine, alcohol for a long time increases the risk of brain aneurysms. even high pressure Abnormal atherosclerosis, fatty liver, cancer, infection, affects this acute cerebral rupture.

I've had the most headaches in my life, I've never had pain like this before. decreased consciousness unable to move Unconsciousness, confusion, muscle pain Nausea, vomiting, seizures, throat irritation, vision problems

Based on medical history and physical examination, neurological examination, CT, MRI, ECG, including Hunt-Hess scale assessment by a physician.

The goal is to reduce pain, swelling, and constriction of cerebral blood vessels. Relieve nausea and vomiting Prevent convulsions or recurring bleeding and complications that will follow Patients are hospitalized in the ICU, closely observed. blood clot surgery reduce pressure on the brain The digestive system works well to prevent increased pressure in the brain, antihypertensive drugs, anti-anxiety drugs or anticonvulsants. including providing adequate oxygen and water

Things to do
Immediately call an ambulance if there is a sudden onset of meningeal hemorrhage.
should know about disease information and practices
should follow a doctor's appointment

don't do

no smoking
Don't miss a doctor's appointment


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