cerebrovascular disease

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cerebrovascular disease

cerebrovascular disease

Caused by a narrowed or ruptured artery in the brain or high blood pressure Blood clots in the aorta will have a warning or the occurrence of symptoms of transient ischemic stroke These blood clots are formed by fatty deposits in the walls of blood vessels.

Symptoms are immediate and occur on one side of the body. Symptoms are worst in 24-72 hours, accompanied by weakness or numbness in the face, arms, legs, difficulty speaking and swallowing, confusion, vision changes, dizziness, poor balance. Transient ischemic attack occurs within 10 minutes. 24 hours. It is considered a brain ischemia that needs treatment. The type of symptoms depends on the area of ​​the brain damaged. If a cerebral artery ruptures or is severely narrowed It can cause paralysis or speech problems.

From the history taking and physical examination, CT MRI to assess whether the blood vessels in the brain are broken or narrowed. An ECG to look at the irregular heartbeat resulting in cerebral thrombosis. Ultrasound to look at the blood vessels in the neck whether there is a blockage or not resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain

It depends on coming to the hospital and giving blood clot-dissolving drugs such as rTPA in time or not. An emergency physician will join a neurologist consultation. Hemorrhagic or ischemic strokes are mild to severe. which the treatment time varies Some people need physical, speech, physical, and other treatment goals. Control high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol. These are all possible causes of stroke. Some groups require medication to prevent blood clots from forming. using aspirin

Things to do
should stop smoking
Medication should be taken as prescribed by the doctor.
should exercise
should eat a low-fat diet and reduce alcohol consumption
Blood pressure and cholesterol levels should be controlled.

don't do
Do not ignore the symptoms of cerebrovascular disease that can lead to death.

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