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The appearance of yellow skin, the whites of the eyes become yellow common in newborns Symptoms improved and resolved on their own in a few days.

Caused by bilirubin, the increase in blood from hemolysis. and is eliminated by the liver But because the baby's liver is not yet fully developed, or perhaps the amount of bilirubin is increasing faster than the body remembers to eliminate it. therefore causing jaundice or yellow eyes If too much bilirubin affects the nervous system of the baby, it is called kernicterus, preterm babies are more likely to jaundice than premature babies. Other causes include infection, incompatibility of the baby's blood and mother's milk, because sometimes breast milk affects the liver's ability to eliminate bilirubin in the baby. which happened several weeks later

yellow-eyed yellow high blood bilirubin Poor absorption of food

Take a blood sample to check for binrirubin.

Many babies do not need treatment, if they do, put them in a light bath under fluorescent light or phototherapy and put on a protective eye patch. Light helps to break up excess bilirubin and make it easier to remove. and to check bilirubin levels, where phototherapy reduced bilirubin within two days. or weeks. In some cases, phototherapy is ineffective and requires exchange transfusion or blood transfusions.

what to do
Should feed the baby more often to help pass more. To eliminate the amount of bilirubin to be absorbed in the intestine is reduced.
You should see a doctor when you have jaundice for proper treatment.

don't do
Don't worry too much Some people can heal on their own without treatment.

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