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It is a tumor in the meninges. covering the surface of the brain tissue spine or spinal cord It is one of five brain tumors. Meningioma is a noncancerous tumor that presses on the brain and spinal cord. and was born in both women and men. The most common age at diagnosis is 45 years, rarely found in children and adolescents. More than 80% can be cured. A small percentage of them become cancerous.

Abnormal growth of cells in the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, but the cause of the abnormal growth is unknown.
headache, vision and hearing changes nausea and vomiting Weakness, especially the half of the body, numbness of the fingertips, memory loss, sometimes convulsions.

Based on history taking, physical examination, CT, brain MRI, or cerebral vascular X-ray is necessary if surgery is required.

slow growing tumor There are no symptoms, so no treatment is needed, but CT MRI should be performed regularly to observe the size of the tumor. If the lump is large, it must be surgically removed. and make sure it's not malignant. If it is malignant, radiation must be continued. to get rid of the remaining cells If having seizures, give an anticonvulsant medication.

what to do
You should do as your doctor recommends.
should go to the doctor's appointment
Should take medicine and exercise after the doctor's permission.
should eat nutritious food
You should inform your doctor if your symptoms get worse.
Notify your doctor if you have any side effects from the medication.

don't do
Don't worry too much. The disease is cured by surgery.
Do not drive if you have seizures.


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