oral cancer

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oral cancer

oral cancer

It is caused by a growth in the lump in the oral cavity. usually found on the tongue or the floor of the mouth, but may occur on the gums, lips, palate. It is most common in older men who drink a lot of alcohol or smoke. If found early, it can be cured by surgery and radiation. Treatment is less effective if you continue to drink and smoke.

Mouth cancer is more likely to occur with smoking, cigars, drinking alcohol, or other causes such as oral irritation. Cleanliness of the mouth and teeth and exposure to light on the lips

The first symptoms are pain in the mouth or on the lips. The wound may be small. white or scaly patches Incurable symptoms include sore tongue, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, and voice changes.

Use a mirror to look into your mouth. and use biopsy instruments to come to a lab, to do X-rays, to perform CT MRI to assess the size and spread.

This includes surgery, radiation, or a combination of both with anticancer drugs (chemotherapy). Surgery depends on the size and spread of the cancer. if very large The doctor may cut including the jaw bone. Oral surgery can cause swelling that can lead to coughing, swallowing, and breathing difficulties. Perforation and intubation may be required. This will make breathing easier and removing mucus from your lungs easier.

what to do
Tell your doctor if you have trouble breathing, bleeding, or have an infection.
Drinking and smoking should be avoided.
Dentures should be managed to keep them in place to reduce irritation.
You should inform your doctor if the sores on your mouth do not heal or new sores develop.

don't do
Don't drink, drink, smoke.
Do not drive after the surgery until the doctor gives permission.

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