Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia ALL

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Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia ALL

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia ALL

It is a group of lymphoside leukemias and occurs in the bone marrow, the tissue lining inside. Blood cells form in the bone marrow and are released into the bloodstream. Leukemia is immediate or has been taxed for some time. which this cancer affects the adult growth of white blood cells There are four types of chronic leukemia: AML, ALL, CLL, and CML. ALL blocks normal cell production and sends immature white blood cells into the blood. which will not be able to fight the disease fully ALL comes from the types B and T leukocytes, most of which are born in boys. Children younger than 15 years But adults can get this type of cancer.

Unknown and there is no way to prevent

Blood test and bone biopsy taken for microscope abnormal lipotic cells are found Your doctor may send you for cerebrospinal fluid exams, X-rays of the lungs, CT scan, ultrasound.

It can be cured by chemo, first of all, blood transfusion. Followed by chemo and radiation. There are four stages of treatment, one and two, the first using medication, but the normal blood cells are also removed. After curing, it is followed by chemo and radiation to remove the cancer cells. Continue treatment to prevent recurrence. Your doctor may consider a stem cell transplant, which produces normal cells to replace old cells.

Things to do
Should take care to clean the mouth. gargle with salt water and use a soft toothbrush
should drink a lot of water
It's best to eat high-calorie foods and beverages if you're on chemotherapy.
Press on the bleeding position and apply a cold compress.
It should be understood that treatment depends on age, heredity.
should be compatible with the donor
You should notify your doctor if you have a fever during treatment.
Avoid being around other patients due to low immunity.
You should consult a leukemia specialist.

don't do
Do not take aspirin
Don't miss an appointment to follow up to prevent recurrence.


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