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fibrocystic breast disease

It is a tumor in the breast area. that does not turn into malignant The breast will form a cyst. smooth surface solid and mobile These changes cause breast thickening. together with the burden of pain and pain The cyst can disperse. Approximately 60-75% of women whose breasts are transformed into fibrocystic tissue occur between the ages of 30-50 and only 10% occur in women younger than 21 years.

The exact cause is not yet known. But hormones are made by the ovaries. and will stop building when entering menopause

ranges from moderate to severe Almost half had no symptoms. The burden occurs as a cycle of pain and swelling around the breast and worst before menstruation. You will feel your breasts tight and painful when pressed or touched. Milk will look like a lump and hard, not smooth. Most are found in the upper breast area near the arm.

It depends on the symptoms and physical examination. Your doctor will order a breast cancer screening and ultrasound. It is rare to use a needle to prick the meat to make sure there are no other diseases.

Wear a bra that supports the breast both day and night and pain relievers such as Avoid acetaminophen or NSAIDs. Avoid caffeine, tea, cola, chocolate. Eat a low-fat diet. Use a hot water bag to compress Take a vitamin supplement, cold compress, and do a breast self-exam once a month. If the symptoms are severe, your doctor will prescribe stronger pain relievers, diuretics, or birth control pills. Sometimes your doctor may use a needle to suck the fluid out of the examination room. The lump will collapse If symptoms do not go away completely A needle may be used to pierce the tissue to be examined to screen for cancer.

Things to do
Should practice palpation of the breast by yourself while normal.
Contact your doctor if you experience any unusual symptoms while feeling your breasts yourself.
Wear a bra that supports your chest, especially during exercise.

don't do
Don't consume too much caffeine.
Do not default on mammograms

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