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The uterus lies between the bladder and rectum. and the uterine tissue is called the endometrium. this anomaly Caused by tissues within the uterus to grow in other organs such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, pelvic floor, especially the back of the uterus. Hormones that affect the uterus also affect other organs that have the same tissue as the uterus. each month during menstruation That organ was bleeding. cause pain and the blood cannot be removed elsewhere.

The exact cause is not yet known. Someone in the family may have experienced the disorder. Scars from proliferative tissues around the pelvic organs. causing pain and infertility and blockage of fallopian tubes Scars that can form blocking the intestines or urethra

Asymptomatic tissue proliferation may be present during transabdominal or pelvic surgery. But may find that the stomach is stiff during menstruation than usual. Stinging pain in the lower abdomen and back pain during sex Menstruation may come more than once per month. Menstruation that lasts longer than usual, trouble conceiving

Pelvic exam and pregnancy test Your doctor may send blood or urine tests if an infection is suspected, ultrasound, CT, MRI to look inside your organs.

Treatment depends on symptoms, age and desire to have children. Pain relievers (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen, birth control pills, or hormones can relieve symptoms. Laparoscopic surgery and uses electrical stimulation of abnormal tissue. It can come back, but this treatment will reduce pain and improve your chances of getting pregnant. Hysterectomy and ovarian lift are performed in people who are older and do not want to have children. This problem can occur until menopause and Estrogen is reduced. Tissue proliferation in the wrong place will also atrophy.

Things to do
You should take medicines prescribed by a doctor.
You should see your doctor regularly.
should exercise and taking ibuprofen to reduce pain
You should inform your doctor if your treatment doesn't improve.

don't do
Do not forget to follow the doctor's appointment.
Do not take potions or herbal medicines that have not been prescribed by your doctor.

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