fatty liver disease

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fatty liver disease

fatty liver disease

A large amount of fatty liver is most common in people with diabetes, obesity, or people who drink large amounts of alcohol. Fatty liver mask itself is harmless, but if it is inflamed for a long time, the scar tissue will pull together, resulting in abnormal liver function.

For non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, it is caused by inflammation of the fatty liver that is not caused by alcohol or viral hepatitis. Most often occur in those who are overweight. Jae still doesn't know the exact cause.

Fatty liver or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is less likely to be symptomatic, but for some people there may be pain or discomfort if the liver is larger and is the cause of liver disease. in adolescents and working age groups

Doctors often find abnormalities from blood tests or liver lab values which is already a basic check Therefore, the doctor takes a history and does a physical examination to rule out diseases that have similar symptoms, such as viral hepatitis Liver damage from alcohol

Lose weight, avoiding alcohol is the best way to cure fatty liver. For non-alcoholic fatty liver masks, patients with hyperlipidemia, diabetes or obesity should control their blood sugar and lipid levels through a good diet and exercise. Your doctor will prescribe medication to reduce fat and inflammation along with it.

Things to do
It should be borne in mind that biopsy of the liver is not used to diagnose fatty liver, but to rule out other related diseases.
Ask your doctor about medications that affect the liver, such as acetaminophen, and some medications used to treat diabetes or lipid-lowering drugs.
You should lose weight if you are overweight.

do not do
do not drink alcohol Will help reduce fat in the liver.
Do not forget that there are patients with fatty liver that is not caused by drinking alcohol and can turn into cirrhosis. and there are complications from liver failure such as yellow skin, swollen stomach, swollen legs

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