Serious disease

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Serious disease

Serious disease

It is a disease related to gluten intolerance. Can be found in cereals, barley, oats, mainly affects the small intestine. Usually found in infants who eat gluten-containing foods, the disease cannot be cured but can be cured by omitting gluten-containing foods.

Gluten Allergy Causing cerebral disease, factors of immunity, genetics, it is what can cause this disease. when to get gluten The body produces antibodies to destroy this substance as well as the tissues of the small intestine. This makes the small intestine unable to absorb food and eventually becomes malnourished.

have diarrhea The stool is gray and watery. It may be foamy or oily with an unusual foul smell, weight loss, slow growth in infants and older children, abdominal swelling, pain and enlargement, mouth ulcers, weakness, muscle cramps. In adults, they rarely have symptoms. Found that the disease was from a blood test that was more anemia than usual. There may be a blister on the skin, which is less common.

From the blood test found that the lack of nutrients or antibodies that have anti-gluten substances. An endoscope or endoscope may be sent into the colon through the mouth and a biopsy is taken. to confirm similar symptoms or taking X-rays of the small intestine after swallowing the powder to look for intestinal disorders.

Things to do
Should have a food specialist make a meal plan for you.
Eat foods that do not contain gluten.
Eat according to the instructions on the label.
You should find a group that educates about this disease if you want to know more about it.
You should inform your doctor if you have a fever.

don't do
Do not eat foods that contain gluten, even in small quantities.
Do not eat or drink dairy products as this can lead to diarrhea. Gas in the stomach may be confused with this disease. Until the doctor proves that it is not really serious disease.

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