Immune hepatitis

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Immune hepatitis

immune-mediated hepatitis

It is a disease in which the immune system destroys the liver cells. This causes the liver to become inflamed and swollen. Diseases that are not passed on to offspring, but there is no way to prevent them. 70% are mostly women aged 15-40 years. If the symptoms are not treated, they can get worse. leave a year It can turn into cirrhosis and liver cancer.

The exact cause is unknown. The body produces antigens to destroy liver cells. Experts think there is a connection to genes that damage organs.

The main symptoms are easily tired and others such as palpation, enlarged liver, jaundice, itching all over the body, rash, joint pain, abdominal discomfort. The symptoms will start from mild to severe. In severely ill people, abdominal fluid is found and enlarged. and causing confusion

Initial diagnosis based on symptoms, blood test results, ultrasound, CT scan to rule out other suspicions biopsy A blood test for liver enzymes and autoimmunity. This test helps to distinguish whether autoimmunity is caused by a virus or metabolic. Antibodies are proteins produced from the body's immune system, in which immune hepatitis It produces antibodies to destroy the liver cells, which can be seen from the nature and quantity, leading to the differentiation of the disease. which the first type usually occurs to women The second type usually occurs in girls. for liver biopsy for examination This is done using a needle with a camera attached and inserted into the liver.

The treatment of both types is the use of steroids or predisolone that will gradually affect the immune system of the body
For those who have had treatment and relapse, lifelong medication is required. If those who have received steroids and it does not work, they will have to switch to immunosuppressive drugs. and for patients whose liver has lost its permanent function need a liver transplant will extend the lifespan from 50% to 80%

Things to do
should monitor the results of their own treatment and notice any unusual symptoms, immediately inform the doctor
You should see your doctor if you notice any changes in your skin color. Side effects from the drug, joint pain, swelling in the abdomen.

don't do
Do not ignore the side effects of the drug such as weight gain, anxiety, confusion, osteoporosis, thinning hair and skin, diabetes, high blood pressure, cataracts.
Don't drink alcohol, it will cause liver damage.

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