Bartholin's gland cyst

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Bartholin's gland cyst

Bartholin's gland cyst

Inflamed bartholin glands look like a swollen sac. It can be unilateral or bilateral on the side of the vulva. can occur when a blockage occurs around the gland which will not be infected even without treatment

Many times the cause is unknown. Many types of bacteria can cause infection and enlarge the cyst. and can occur in all females, however, pregnant women or have diabetes This makes the cyst easier. Cysts can become infected in sexually active women.

The main symptom is a swollen cyst near the vulva, but it does not hurt, but if there is an infection it can cause pain. which makes walking difficult and painful during sex

Your doctor will examine the area around the cervix in the swollen position. A sample may be used to collect samples when the gland is infected. and a blood test in the matter of having a sexually transmitted infection or not and recommending to see a gynecologist specializing in gynecology for more precise treatment

If it's a small cyst, it can heal on its own. Your doctor will schedule follow-up appointments every 2-3 months when your glands are not getting smaller or worse. The inflamed cyst can be treated by soaking in a hot bath. or give antibiotics The important point is to follow the doctor's appointment and take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor. if the symptoms are not getting better will send a specialist in gynecology or a surgeon to remove the pus which just cuts the wound on a small cyst and sew around the cut area This will cause the swampy water to flow out by itself. If the patient has frequent inflammation, the Bartholin gland must be surgically removed.

Things to do
Use a medical device to induce heat, take antibiotics. and came to see a doctor by appointment
Should practice cleanliness and prevent infection. after going to the bathroom Wipe clean from front to back to prevent bacteria from entering the anus into the vagina.
Should be careful about sex to prevent contagious diseases.
Make sure to keep your blood sugar in check if you are diabetic, because high blood sugar will slow healing of wounds.
You should see your doctor immediately if you have a fever and swelling in your groin area.
You should see a doctor immediately when pus leaks out of the cyst.

don't do
Do not use your hands to squeeze the bag. As a result, the infection can spread to nearby areas.
Do not have sex during the period of Bartholin's gland inflammation. Because it may cause pain and infection can occur.

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