Thao Saen knot type 1

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Thao Saen knot type 1

Thao Saen knot type 1

It is a disease in which the genes in which nerve cell tissues grow abnormally. resulting in tumors of nerve cells and skin and abnormal bones There are two types, called NF1 and NF2, with type 1 being the most common. Every 4000 people will meet 1 person. Men and women are equally likely to be involved in tumors in the brain, eye, spine. and some types of leukemia which this disease has no cure

Inherited through heredity, but more than half of the family has no one. But it's a gene mutation. In the pair of chromosome 17, only 50% of children will develop the disease in their parents.

There is a small brown spot. Also known as cafe-au-lait spots, most commonly found on the chest, stomach, back, found at birth. and there are many sizes Many species develop in and under the skin. Often born during childhood, growing into adolescence The blot is less than an inch or more. The large area will have different shapes.
Other symptoms, such as freckles on the body that are not caused by exposure to the sun, such as Underarms or groin, slow learning, low IQ, fragile spine, high pressure, fractures in any organ, there are symptoms there, such as in the head or spine, can cause seizures, blindness, weak legs.

Looking at the family history and examine the body and eyes Perform an EEG to check for brain waves that may be causing seizures. check IQ in children Suspected cancer may need to be collected as symptoms are present.

There are specific treatments to control the disease. and treat complications that arise Children are slow to learn, have to attend special schools. The physical therapist will look at the bone structure in place. Surgery is required when the spinal curvature occurs and the back support is inserted. The following tumors can be removed, but can regenerate.

Things to do
Should see a specialist who specializes in the foot, foot knot type 1
Should be informed that this disease can be detected in the womb. by amniocentesis
You should consult a doctor immediately if you find freckles in your underarms or groin.
You should see a doctor immediately if you have neurological symptoms such as hearing loss, muscle weakness. difficulty walking

what not to do
You shouldn't be afraid to ask for a second person's opinion.
It should not be forgotten that podiatrist is a disease that affects very few individuals. Therefore, there must be a team to help maintain

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