shift work

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shift work

shift work

1. People who work should not be under 25 years old or over 50 years old.

2. Should always find people who want to work in the night shift.

3. You should only work one night shift in each shift. should not be in constant contact for a long time

4. If you can't follow step 3, you should arrange to work late at night for longer periods such as 4-6 weeks in order for the body to adjust its own clock. and then slowly adjust back to normal again

5. If you want to have a faster adjustment of your body clock Should turn on the light to be very bright. while working the night shift

6. There should be at least 24 hours of rest after leaving the night shift (if you follow step 3).

7. It should be a rotational shift. by rotating forward That is, if it was originally a basket The next shift should be the afternoon shift. and if it was originally an afternoon shift Next, if you have to change should be night shift

8. If you have to work overtime or work continuously or 2 consecutive shifts, the next job should be light work. It shouldn't be a job that requires a lot of thought and concentration.

9. When working for 5-7 days, there should be at least 2 consecutive days of rest for the body to recover.

10. Friends and family members should be advised about the impact of shift work. to understand and assist in the adjustment

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