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1. Do not douche or wash the vagina unnecessarily, do not use tampons all the time.

2. Take medication or insert medication according to the treatment plan.

3. Maintain cleanliness of the body, clothes, underwear: do not wear underwear or clothes that easily become damp, do not wear them repeatedly, and do not share underwear with others.

4. Abstain from sexual intercourse until cured, if necessary, use condoms.

5. Keep the reproductive organs clean after every defecation by washing from front to back and patting dry with a clean cloth or tissue.

6. If there are abnormal symptoms such as foul-smelling or purulent vaginal discharge, itching in the vagina, should see a doctor.

7. Take medication or receive complete treatment according to the doctor's treatment plan. Take care to receive treatment according to the doctor's appointment regularly.

8. You should not drink alcohol while being treated, as it may affect the medication, causing discomfort, aches, redness, and heart palpitations if the partner has suspected symptoms.

9. It is advised to bring to the doctor and use condoms when having sex.

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