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When a wound occurs Our bodies have mechanisms to repair themselves. Although wound healing is a natural process, But need to rely on a number of factors.

1. Choose nutritious food. or beneficial to the body The wound healing process is not normal. If the following nutrients are deficient

- Protein helps to build collagen fibers. and reduce the chance of the body getting infected as well

- Vitamin C helps in the synthesis of collagen fibers and blood vessels, such as oranges, guavas, tomatoes.

- Vitamin A helps in the synthesis of collagen fibers. and germination of the epidermis. Found in fish, liver, milk.

- Zinc and Copper It is necessary for the regeneration of the epidermis. and the synthesis of collagen fibers Found in animal organs, especially liver, eggs, meat, fish, beans, green leafy vegetables, etc.

2. Avoid stress. stress, both physically and mentally will slow down the healing of wounds Because stress causes the body to secrete hormones. Adrenaline (Adrenaline) more. This hormone causes tissue regeneration to decrease.

3. Refrain from smoking. Cigarettes cause red blood cells to carry oxygen to cells or tissues at the wound reduced especially the wound that occurs on the tip of the hands and feet Therefore, the circulation is not good, causing the wound to receive less nutrients.

4. While the weather is cold, apply a heat compress. Warm the wound site. The heat will cause the blood vessels to expand. Allows more blood to nourish the wound.

5. Should allow the wounded part to rest, such as cuffing the arm, splinting, putting a splint, etc., so that the tissues around the wound use oxygen more efficiently. and prevent germs from spreading to other parts

6. To make the wound properly and appropriately, do not make the wound too often. or not wiping the wound with techniques such as wiping the wound too hard or pulling the bandage attached to the wound without care will cause the growing tissue to die. or capillaries that are growing through the torn dressing Causing the healing process of the wound to be delayed. It will cause the cells to die as well.

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