back pain

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back pain

How to reduce back pain problems of office workers can be done by

1. Should choose the right size of the table and chair. and fit the body

2. Do not use spring chairs that can recline. Because this kind of chair doesn't have the back support as it should.

3. The computer used must have the screen adjusted to eye level. The center of the screen is at our eye level. Typing, the keyboard keys should be at the level of your elbow and wrist so you don't have to lift your arms to type.

4. Using the mouse If you have to use a lot should be a mount "Tracking Ball" or cordless to use comfortably without having to stretch out your arms.

5. Do not sit in front of a computer screen for too long. should brake every 1 hour or 45 minutes to relax

6. You should sit in a chair with your bottom full. Most office girls like to sit only halfway or at the end of the chair.

7. Should exercise or exercise regularly, a simple way is to squeeze the neck massage. neck stretch or tilt left-right Bend and look up, etc. Each pose should be held for 10 seconds. to allow muscles or tendons to stretch

back pain

The best treatment is to prevent the cause, including:
1. Lose body weight by eating all 5 food groups, not dieting.
2. Appropriate manners various gestures

The correct standing posture is with the chest clenched, the shoulders extended, the waist slightly bent. If you have to stand for a long time, there should be a foot rest. Standing wrapped around the shoulders with the belly protruding can cause the waist to bend and cause back pain.

The correct sitting position, the spine straight against the back of the high chair. and should have arm rest

Correct driving position, back against the backrest, knees bent above hip level. sitting too far causing the knee to stretch out, the spine taut

The correct lifting posture should be crouching and lifting things close to the body. and get up with the strength of the legs Bent down to pick things up with straight knees. can cause back pain

The correct wheelchair should push forward Force on the abdominal muscles, pulling back will exert force on the back muscles, causing back pain.

correct sleeping position The mattress should be firm Do not use a sponge mattress. or spring bed Because the back will sink in the basin causing the spine to bend.


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