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1. If symptoms start in the first 4-6 hours, may buy mineral salt powder. important treatment And the most important thing is to get water. and mineral salt substitutes

2. During diarrhea, eat soft food or liquid food such as porridge, porridge, should not refrain from eating because it will make the body weak, lacking energy.

3. If not much After drinking mineral water, the patient's symptoms improved. But if you can't drink salt water, still vomiting, high fever, shortness of breath, less urination. due to severe dehydration Children should be taken to the doctor as soon as possible. because the patient may be in shock and die

4. For pills to help stop bowel movements, also known as anti-diarrhea pills. Can be used only in people with normal diarrhea. Do not use in patients with suspected diarrhea due to infection. or have been poisoned by bacteria This is because the pill that stops the bowel movements will make the bowels contract less and decrease the frequency of bowel movements. and the patient may think that the symptoms have improved But the fact is that bacteria or toxins can stay in the body longer, thereby slowing the recovery from diarrhea. Therefore, if suspected infectious diarrhea or toxic exposure You should consult your doctor or pharmacist. in order to obtain a suitable disinfectant or absorbent

5. If a small child or an elderly person has diarrhea and has taken initial treatment but the symptoms have not improved Should be referred to a doctor as soon as possible and if the patient is still conscious and able to eat should drink mineral water on the way as well. to prevent severe dehydration and can be life threatening.

6. Should refrain from giving drinking water containing fruit juices. or sweet drinks Because it will make diarrhea worse.

7. The recommended diet should include beans, meat, fish, eggs, boiled vegetables, bananas, or boiled grains. It is recommended that children consume smaller meals rather than large meals.

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