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Instructions for conducting

1. Avoid allergens that cause breathlessness. such as dust, cold air and must always maintain good health Eat all 5 food groups

2. Take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor. When having symptoms of breathlessness, the spray should be used properly, but if sprayed at home 3 times, the symptoms of breathlessness have not subsided. should rush to the hospital to prevent hypoxia, which can lead to heart failure

3. Avoid going to the community. Areas with dust, cigarette smoke, because these can be a trigger for breathlessness. And when there are symptoms of illness should be treated immediately. And should avoid people suffering from respiratory diseases such as flu, tuberculosis.

4. Patients should be aware that asthma is a chronic disease. Continuous care is required, the medication will be adjusted according to the symptoms. Change medications when they don't work. Decrease or stop medication when symptoms improve. by adjusting the increase - reducing the drug Or change the drug must be under the treatment of a doctor only.

5. Patients should always have an inhaler with them. so that it can be used promptly when there is breathlessness


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