nasal washing

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nasal washing

nasal washing

1. Always warm the saline solution before washing your nose, the saline solution should be warm enough that the back of your hand can tolerate it.

2. The person who will wash their nose should sit and lean forward. and bowed his head slightly

3. Should start washing the nose that is more open or less stuffy first.

4. Put a small amount into the side of the nostril to be washed, open your mouth and take a deep breath and hold your breath

5. Squeeze the red rubber ball. or gently push the syringe plunger to allow the saline to flow slowly into the nose after most of the saline has flowed out of the nose and/or mouth.

6. The saline solution should be pushed into the nasal cavity in all directions, for example, the saline should flow out of the other nostril.

7. The nasal cavity should be washed on alternate sides continuously.

8. Rinse until you feel that your nose is clear and there is no mucus or dirt in your nose.

9. After washing able to blow snot or saline that remains in the nasal cavity and spit out the saline and the part of the mucus that runs down the throat, including the phlegm in the throat.

10. It is recommended to rinse your nose before eating. (on an empty stomach) or at least 2 hours after eating to prevent vomiting or choking

11. After each time washing the nose, the device used for rinsing the nose should be thoroughly washed with soapy water or dishwashing liquid, and then rinsed with tap water until clean (in the case of using a red rubber ball or a glass syringe, after washing should Bring to a boil with boiling water. about 5 minutes) and then dry.

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