ear infection

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ear infection

ear infection

1. While having a cold You should not blow your nose, cough or sneeze vigorously.

2. In cases where the eardrum is known to have perforated, do not pick the ear.

3. Be careful not to let water get into your ears. wash your hair every time Cotton ear plugs are required.

4. Absolutely no swimming.

5. Do not pick up earwax.

6. People with otitis media Should strictly follow the doctor's orders.

7. You should not try to pick up or wipe out or wipe out the earwax. or clean the ears yourself

8. Do not wash your ears with soap. or frequent disinfectants

9. Patients who need to wipe their ears Always clean your ears after taking a shower.

10. Always use cotton wool or ear plugs when taking a shower. to prevent water from entering the ear

11. When there is an itchy ear, do not spin the ear. by using a cotton swab with your fingers or any object

12. Things to know when using ear drops
- Wipe out the pus first every time
- Lie on your head Let the ear to be instilled on top
- Put 3-4 drops of medicine into the ear. Keep the drug in the ear for 5-10 minutes.
- Turn your ear down and pour the medicine out of your ear.

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