stye eyes

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stye eyes

1. Try to keep the eye area clean.

2. Avoid exposure to dust or strong winds or strong light, especially in direct sunlight. and cigarette smoke

3. Use clean water to wash your face.

4. Do not use unclean hands to wipe the eyes or rub the eyes.

5. Use your eyes to fit your abilities. Don't force your eyes too much or for too long.

6. Compress with warm cloth for 15 minutes each time, several times a day. May be used to wrap the boiled egg compress

7. Do not squeeze or throttle to remove pus. If the pus breaks by itself, wash the swamp area with boiled water.

8. Wash your hands often.

9. Refrain from applying makeup.

10. Avoid wearing contact lenses.

After surgery, eye stye
Treatment after drilling out pus
1. Keep your eyes closed for 2-3 hours to prevent bleeding.
2. Once your eyes are opened, start taking the medication as prescribed by your doctor.
3. If there are dark green marks at the piercing area, apply ice compress , after that, warm compress until it collapses.
4. Do not rub your eyes.
5. The next day, a cotton ball moistened with boiled water should be squeezed lightly to wipe clean around the eyes.
1. Take care of the cleanliness of the body. especially around the face and hair don't let me stare
2. Do not rub eyes with dirty hands or touch the eye area.
3. Wash off all makeup around the eyes every day before going to bed.
4. If there is a chronic disease, it must be treated and controlled well.
5. Wear sunglasses Windproof when going out in dusty, windy, or sunny places.

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