pterygium or pterygium

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pterygium or pterygium

treatment and prevention

1. Wear sunglasses, wear a hat, open an umbrella when outdoors.

2. There is no need for treatment in cases with mild symptoms.

3. Use eye drops in people who have irritation, red eyes, watery eyes, but eye drops can't cause pterygium. The wind is gone

4. Low pterygium or pterygium does not require surgery because it does not harm the eyes.

5. Surgery will be performed in pterygium patients with severe symptoms. or pterygium that has spread to the cornea and/or has a blurry effect


Pteryctomy should be performed under a microscope by an ophthalmologist because after peeling pterygium, in some cases it may return to a new one. which is often more The new pterygium is red and inflamed more than before. and the treatment by re-peeling is more difficult than the first peeling.

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