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Tips for preventing recurrent migraine

1. Reduce sweets - very sweet sugar. because it is responsible for causing headaches

2. Avoid or refrain from beverages containing alcohol or caffeine.

3. Prepare pain relievers at home. Or always carry it with you.

4 Don't Change Bedtimes should sleep on time

5. You should rest or sleep enough.

6. Observe the symptoms of the disease in the early stages. Because the early treatment will be more effective.

7. Avoid being in noisy places such as flea markets.

8. Avoid being in places that are too hot or too cold, such as hot or cold weather, stuffy rooms. cold air-conditioned rooms, etc.

9. Avoid inhaling pungent odors such as paint odors, car oil odors, perfumes, chemical odors, DDT, cigarette smoke, etc.

10. Avoid places where bright light enters the eyes, such as out in the bright sunlight, bright lights, flickering lights, twinkling lights in theaters or entertainment venues, etc.

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