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One - time use of thoracic drainage device water - sealed (three - cavity type) instructions

[Operating methods and methods]
 1. Items that must be checked before use:
A. If the following conditions occur, do not use this product (packaging damage; or in the open packaging, the bottle or suction pipe with cracks (holes); bottle interface fracture;
    B. Do not take negative pressure suction, the pressure regulating chamber above the cross control valve should be in full flow of the situation. In no case should it be completely closed.
 2. Operation method when using
    Bottle position: in order to get the best drainage effect, the bottle should be placed in the patient's chest less than 60 cm position, in order to avoid accidental dumping, the bottle at the bottom of the rotating bracket open to a reliable position after the smooth placement on the ground , Or use the bottle on both sides of the hook firmly on both sides of the bed.
    B. Swivel bracket: Turn the rotating bracket of the bottom of the bottle to the right angle position. The bottle can be placed on the table. It can be placed on the ground when used. It can be rotated and stowed when the patient moves.
    C. Water Seal Cavity Drain: Unplug the end of the connection elbow from the upper part of the water seal chamber where the anti-backflow valve has been installed. Use a funnel to inject the sealant (distilled or saline) into the water seal chamber to the 0 water level line (do not over / Add fluid), and then re-install the connection elbow in place, plug into the bottom of the water seal cavity interface to ensure the sealed state.
    D. Surge chamber to add fluid: use a funnel will seal liquid (distilled water or saline) into the surge chamber to the required level.
    E. Connect the drainage tube connected with the upper part of the fluid chamber to the thoracic duct to ensure the tightness of the thoracic duct and the drainage tube joint.
    F. When the water-sealed tube water column exceeds 14cmH2O, according to the patient's negative pressure, the use of pressure regulating chamber for pressure, distilled water or saline into the surge chamber to 4cmH2O ~ 16cmH2O water column position, or according to doctor's advice The water level that the negative pressure to attract the value). When the negative pressure is connected, only the negative pressure source is connected with the one end of the cross control valve in the upper part of the pressure regulating chamber. By adjusting the cross control valve, the bottle body can only issue stable and gentle bubbles. (Must be confirmed and maintained with persistent bubble generation), so that the water sealed tube water column to 14cmH2O below. In particular, should be noted that the regulator in the water seal pipe surface if there is no significant change in the drainage tube should be immediately checked whether the blockage or investigation of patients with chest vacuum is too deep, if the negative pressure is too deep, it should release negative pressure , Again observed and regulated.
G. The crossed control valve must be opened / unobstructed to allow the product to be opened to the outside atmosphere. When the product is shipped, the valve is open / closed.
Water-sealed tube water column should be promptly checked when the drainage tube and drainage tube drainage ducts have blocked the situation.
During the use of this product, the water seal liquid due to evaporation and reduce the time should be re-added to the O water level line.
Release of negative pressure must be used to clamp the thoracic duct clamp hemostat and then pull the drainage tube.