JIA OPA berman



Oropharyngeal airways Oral respiratory equipment, PVC type Can actually be used, not recommended for reuse


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Categories : ICU Recommend Airway Mask


Specific properties
1. Product 1 pack contains 1 piece
2. Pipe made with plastic medical grade
3. Put to open the airway easily.

4. There are many sizes, many sizes.
6. Suitable for both in and outside the hospital

7. ISO13485 standard

8. No Latex. Reduce the risk of allergies.

Suggestions do not recommend reuse.

Products are sterilized by EO. As well

ISO 13485 standard

Should be cleaned and sterile before reuse



Jia OPA berman #40 9 Pcs.
Jia OPA berman # 50 9 Pcs.
Jia OPA berman # 60 9 Pcs.
Jia OPA berman # 70 10 Pcs.
Jia OPA berman # 80 9 Pcs.
Jia OPA berman # 90 8 Pcs.
Jia OPA berman # 100 10 Pcs.
Jia OPA berman # 110 9 Pcs.

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