Jia Trainer T15


Training machine medianaTrainer T15

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Product Description

Training machine medianaTrainer T15

  1. Durable patches for repeated use
  2. Rechargeable batteries can be used for 7 hours continuously for 1 day of teaching. It takes only 4 hours to charge.
  3. Battery warning light, LEDs will be on while charging and will warn 1 hour before the battery runs out.
  4. The pause button for teaching and learning is correct if the instructor wants more during the rehearsal or editing of some steps of the study.
  5. The sound level is available in 4 levels for clarity of instruction.
  6. Cheap patches are available for all 3 pairs, can be reused, can be easily replaced, can be attached to all drills
  7. Multiple languages ​​can be changed in many languages. To support AEC For universal practice

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