JIA MedPad



Quik-Combo conductive sheet Medtronic LifePak

Categories : Accessories Electrode CPR


(Electrode Defibrillation PAD)

1.     Enhance the effectiveness of electric current 

2.      Precise results 

3.      Able to monitor and release the electric current 

4.      Increase the chance of life saving to be faster 

5.      Able to to the immediate  pacer 

6.      Single use ONLY for hygenic purpose 

7.      Suitable for using along with AED and Defib 

8.      Convenient to  place the pad in curvy forms 

9.      Cost savng, and practical 

Special qualifications 

1.      Contain 2 pcs. per 1 pack 

2.      Durable power connector ( only specific types ) 

3.       ISO13485 guaranteed



Single use

Hygenicly sterilised product 


Only use for Medtronic Life-Pak 

Single use ONLY 

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