JIA Radaptor


SKU : JLS-Radaptor

Reusable mainstream airway adaptor end tidal CO2

Categories : ER Accessories ICU Mask Airway


MainStream Airway Adaptor Adult

This adaptor is reusable for the measurement of  JIA CO2 for Capnograph in order to evaluate the breathing quality and life saving 

Specifications : 

1.1 pc per 1 pack  
2. Light transparent medical plastic 
3. Specifically for MainStream measurement 
4. Deadspace = 5 cc
5. ETTubes sizes >4.00 mm
6. Suitable for value measurement from a mainstream airway tube 



To be used with Jia Co2 only 

Measure the value from the mainstream airway tube

Use in young adult and adult only 

Reusable for over 100 times 

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