AmBu Man sim


SKU : Ambu-Mansim

Demo manikin for chest compression, CPR and respiratory arrest training

Categories : CPR TRAINER manikins



Ambu Man Simple is a demo manikin for chest compression, and  respiratory arrest with CPR training in a demonstrating situations 

Why CPR Man 

1.        User friendly, safe and harmless 

2.        Relaistic human parts ( nipples, frame , and larnx ) 

3.        Relistic airways for the respiratory practice 

4.        One way valve during respiratory practice to protect infection

5.        Changeable lungs for better cleansing process 

6.        Better clarification for the correct hand poition 

7.        Made in Europe with high standard of 2 years guarantee 

8.        When the depth position is correct the green stripe will be shown 

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