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How does SimCPR work? The SimCPR-sensor has an accelerometer to measure depth and tempo of chest compression.

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Feedback and test results are shown on your smartphone with the SimCPR app (Android & iOS).

What can I do with SimCPR?
Instructors can test students at the end of a training.

Students can train and test at home.

After a 1-minute test (without feedback) the results of good depth (48-62mm) and tempo (100-120) are displayed in percentages.

How can I recognize my sensor?
When connecting with Bluetooth, the sensors are called BMi SimCPR in the scan after choosing Connect new SimCPR-sensor. If there are more sensors in the room and displayed in the scan, here is a trick to recognize your sensor.

Simply hold the sensor you want to connect close to your smartphone and select the sensor with the lowest number dBm.

If you move your sensor away from your phone the dBm will get higher!

If you move it closer to your phone again the dBm value will get lower.

Can I connect more sensors?
You can only connect 1 sensor to your device (smartphone or tablet).

If there are different sensors nearby, you can see more SimCPR-sensors on your screen (connecting a new sensor), but you only can connect 1 sensor at the time.

So, if you have a connected sensor and you choose another sensor, the first one will be disconnected.

Can I get a certificate?
Yes. If your SimCPR-score on depth and tempo is better then 70% you can get a free PDF-certificate.

What about battery lifetime?
We have a standard warranty of 1-year for battery lifetime.

If you use SimCPR as an instructor, the battery will last 1 to 2 years (depending on how frequently you train students).

If you use SimCPR for private training at home several times a year, the battery will last 4 to 5 years.

Updating process of SimCPR-sensor
It is possible to update the software in the sensor itself. This is sometimes needed and will start automatically when you connect SimCPR to your device (smartphone/tablet).

The updating process has to be done only once and will take just a few minutes.

It is important not to interrupt the updating process. Also it is best that there are no other SimCPR-devices nearby, except the one you want to update. It this case you are sure you are connecting the correct SimCPR-sensor. Sometimes you have to retry the connection before the update proces begins.

Here you will find a link to a video of this proces.

Were can I buy SimCPR?
Please contact us if you want to become a distributor of SimCPR or if you want to know if your country has a distributor.


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