YUWELL เครื่องวัดความดัน รุ่น YE660C


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YUWELL blood pressure measurement YE660C

Categories : Pt care


Measure the pressure with  Oscillating system 
  1. Able to choose desired pressure conversions :  mmHG or kPa 
  2. Pressure measuremnt range from  0-280 mmHG and the pulse rate 40-200 times/ minute 
  3. Automatically memorises the measurement 74 values 
  4. Able to recheck 3 most current average measurements, pressure, pulse rate, date, time in each measurement. 
  5. The precise result of presssure measurement is  +4 mmHG and pulse rate is at +5% of the received value 
  6. Use 4 AA batteries or adaptor 6 volts/ 600 mAh 
  7. The screen presents clear information of date, time, systolic pressure , diastolic pressure , pulse rates and amount of battery remaining signage, recorded information priorities  
  8. Automatically turned off system when the machine has not been used for 2 minutes 
Equipments : 
  1. Armband for adult 1 set 
  2.  EC,ISO13485 standard