Fingertip Pulse Oximeter model YX302


SKU : YUW-302

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter model YX302

Categories : Pt care


Specifications : 

The OLED screen allows the result to be clearly shown. 

The oximeter is able to measure the oxygen saturation from fingertips within the range of 70-100%

as well as  the result of pulses which capturing the beat within the range of 25-250 times per minute. 

The oximeter is  user friendly and able to capture the pulse effectively. Furthermore, it is convenient and portable since the product is relatively small 

Details : 

- LED screen presenting the oxygen value from 70-100% more or less than 2% 
- Presenting the pulses 25-250 times per minute more or less than 1% or once per minute
- Require 2  AAA 2 batteries  volvtage 2.6-3.6V Energy required less than  30mA
-  The precise results from oxygen tendecny within a range of 70-99% is more or less than 2 % 
- The on-off switch is installed in case if the meter is not being applied with any fingertips within 8 minutes 
1 year guarantee