Body temperature thermometer YT 301


SKU : YHT- 301

Thermometer YUWELL model YT301 : an Electronic body or other temperature thermometer

Categories : Pt care


Details : Body thermometer YUWELL model YT 301 

The electronic thermometer YUWELL model YT 301 for body or general temperature 
can be applied within the area of under tongue or armpits. 

The result takes 1 minute if the thermometer is applied under tongue and 2-5 minutes from the armpits by utilising from the actual body temperature. 

The alert will be on once the temperature reaches 37.8 C and above (signing fever situation) 

Yuwell ELECTRONIC THERMOMETER Body temperature thermometer  - model YT 301

- User friendly with big screen 
- Change the battery ( approximately once the temperature reaches 1,000 )
- Beeping alert will be on once it reaches the highest temperature 
- Automatically memorises the most current measurement 
- The end is waterproof 
- Automatically turned off after 8 minutes