Easymax strip Test



Easy Max : Blood sugar test stripes : 50 stripes /box

Categories : Pt care


For self blood sugar testing by using blood from fingertips collected from glucometer 

Specifications : 

- Glucometer for blood sugar testing by using SMBG and Glucose Dehydrogenase systems which is reliable and easy to use 

- Packaged in a tube bottle allowing it to be portable and convenient to use. The glucometer can be turned on automatically without the need of any passcodes 
- Can be applied with Whole Blood from fingertips , vein and  capilary 
- Required amount of blood quantity for the test is only 0.6microlitre 
- Results in 5 seconds 
- Able to measure the blood sugar value from the range between  20 – 630 mg/dl.
- Last for 6 months more even after the bottle is opened 

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