Easy Max Blood glucose test meter type Mini



Blood glucose test meter measure blood sugar from finger tip

Categories : Pt care


Technical specifications : 


Meter memory : 

The meter is able to memorise 360 tests ( There is a button for the previous test ) 

Blood type applied with the meter :Capillary whole blood

Efficient quantity of the blood for a test  :0.6 microlitre

Time length fro the result  :5 seconds

Hematocrit value range that the meter is able to evaluate :30 - 50%

Blood collection areas for blood sugar test :Fingertips ,palms, forearm between elbow and wrist 

Blood sugar test range that the meter can evaluate : 20-630 mg/dL (1.1-35 mmol/L) Battery type : 1 CR2032 Lithium Battery 
Battery life time : more than  2,000 times per  1 battery 

Automatically turned off time within  : 90 seconds

PC Connections : - 

size : 7.5 x 4.4 x 1 cm

Weight : 30 g

Diabetic patients : 


- Consultancy with experienced doctors prior the usage is required and do not apply the result from the meter alone to conclude any diseases or prescribe by oneself 

- Read the labels for instructions and follow them strictly everytime before using the meter
-  Should there be any further or more details specifically about the blood sugar please kindly contact doctors or medical personnels.