Electrode pads for TENS, IF, EMS for physiotherapy

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Model: Square Size: 50 x 50 mm Electrode pads for TENS machines, IF, EMS for physiotherapy Specific

properties 1 pack contains 2 sheets Durable power connector Can be used for more than 100 times Products manufactured in accordance with ISO9001, ISO13485 standards The gel texture uses good raw materials.

To be hygienic, should be reused for the same patient Model: Square Size: 50 x 50 mm Electrode pads for TENS, IF, EMS for physiotherapy

How to use

Clean the skin that needs treatment without lotion, oil, cosmetics, dirt. That sticks to the skin surface
Plug the needle, the power cord of the TENS, IF, EMS to the Electrode Pads.
Remove the electrode pad Apply on the skin that needs treatment. Electrode pads will stick well in normal skin temperature conditions.

Storage method

After use, Electrode Pads should be stored in seal bags, normal temperature conditions. And avoid direct sunlight
Number of times Electrode pads That will be available Will depend on Surface treatment Storage method And area size Used for treatment, so if the electrode pad is stored Appropriately Will help extend the life of Electrode pads for longer

When the gel Dry electrode pads, dripping water on the pads and using the finger to apply the pads around the pad after leaving it. Until the gel returns to sticky again
If the gel electrode pads Too much moisture should bring the electrode pad. Soak it in the refrigerator by placing the gel face up and wait for it to dry until the electrode pad Come back sticky again


Electrode pads are suitable for 1 pack per 1 patient to be hygienic.
2. The electrode pads should not be used with broken skin areas.

3. If a rash occurs Treatment area Electrode pads To stop using And inform the physical person immediately

4. Do not disassemble or disassemble parts of Electrode pads

5. Used for TENS, IF or EMS only

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