capnography for CO2 measurement asACLS guideline Pressure and gas adjustment

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Capnography and End Tidal CO2 must be applied : 

1.The most standardized quality for Endotracheal Tube position searching 

2. The quality assessment for CPR EtCo2  should be abover 10mmHg 

3.Survival sign can be indicated  ROSC(Return of Spontaneous Circulation) when EtCO2 is above 40 mmHg

4. For breathing control aid after  ROSC in order to avoid  secondary-brain injury therefore EtCO2 should be at  35-40 mmHg

5. If EtCO2 is below the set standard, the alarm will be rung for safety purposes when the patients have to be removed 

6. Resuscitation will be dismissed when the process of reversible cause is happening and the value of  EtCO2 is below 10 for  20 minutes  

7. Can be applied with anaesthetic in the operating room with o2 N20 Helium level 

8. Adjustable as the level of BTPS in Hypothermia  patient

9. Adjustable as the level of  Pressure of anaesthetic machine or gas 

 Why  JIA CO2? 

1.The most cost effective 

2.Adaptor are conveniently to find, change and easy to use with the price of only 500 baht

3. The lightest weight of 80 grams

4. Graphs and EtCO2 value are clearly presented to be more noticeble

5.Last for 10 hours of working period

6. Contain rechargaeble battery 

7. 1 year warranty of after sale service