AED trainer 500P


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Automated External Defibrillator (AED) with a remote

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 SAM PAD 500P Trainer is a user friendly equipment comes with a long distant remote. 

The varieties of scenarios can be organized such as electric shocking, heart pumping without releasing the actual electric current for the safety of the instreuctor and learners, 

• Long distant control 

   The remote convers 3-5 meters (10-15 feet) allowing the learner to be able to follow the steps confidently with the total of 6 virtual scenarios according to the AHA and ERC standards 

•  Virtual machine 
The virtual machines presents the similar visuals and sound as well as weight in order to enhace the confident while practicing. The only difference is the outside appearance which is the color (yellow) so that it can be differentiated with the actaul one 

•  Support every levels of learners 

The product is useful for every levels of learners from general employees in organizations for life saving sessions to experts such as medical personnels as practices. 

• Cost effective  

The batteries are highly effective in terms of energy saving mode which allows electricity to be resued continuously. Furthermore, the pad is changeable, affordable, and reusable. The package is made off durable materials to increase the protection of the product. 

•  Virtual situation stimulations 

The defibrillator memorises all of the 6 virtual situations a required by AHA/ERC standard which neccessiates the measurement of heart beats every 2 minutes. During the chest compression, the sound is  provided as rythm along with signal light reflectng the effectivness of the CPR as stimulations  listed below:  

1.     Perform automated heart stimulation  with an immediate CPR

2.     Perform automated heart stimulation not together with CPR

3.     Pad checking then automated heart stimulation together with CPR

4.     Heart beat evaluation immediately then perform the automated heart stimulating, CPR twice then continuous CPR

5.      Perform the autmated heart stimulation together with CPR for 30 times then ventialtion for 2 times immediately 

6.     Do not perform the automated heart stimulaiton together with the CPR for 30 times then ventilation for 2 times immediately  


•  Details :

A.   The electric wire is conveniently to be stored for the durable usage and timely effectve.

B.    The chargable batteries which last up to 7 hours continuouslywhich is beneficial for one session that requires only 4 hours 

C.     LEDs signal lights will be on while it is being charged and will be aloud one hour prior the batterie will be running out of.  

D.  Thetemporary  pausing button for the correct and precise lession if an instructor would like to add any further information or correct some during the  session. 

E.   Contains 4 ranges of volumes for the proper hearing during the session 

F.    The pad is cost effective which containing 3 of them in one pack for the resuability, changeability, and adaptability for every types of manikins

G.    The version upgrading can be easily done through website : Heartsine 

H.    Multiliguals in total of 29 languages are provided for the preparation of AEC practices 

Specifications :

•   Light weight of 1.3 lbs or 0.6 kg 

•   Chargeable battery 

•   Contains  : A remote used with  AAA batteries , A box for wire and battery for practice , Charged battery ,charger with wire , bag with two loops allowing the bag can be hold from both sides (virtual machines ) ,usage mannuals, wire with 3 sets of  pads 

Additional equipments ( can be purchased later ) 

- Remore control  

- Wire  

-  A wire and practice battery box

- Charger 



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